Thursday, February 5, 2009

Use Logic for God's Sake

OK, here we are. Completely honest. What is the problem with arguing over what politician is wrong? The fact is that most of them at least Lie By Omission. That means they rarely tell the whole truth. The reason is they are usually lawyers to begin with. Let me explain, Lawyer Honesty: Two people check into a motel room. The clerk asks, "Are you two married?" They answer, "Yes." Although what he meant was to each other, although he didn't ask. So, both of them are cheating on their spouse, but... they are married. Alright, the stupid thing is, arguing about the virtue of any specific politician is usually fruitless because they all lie. They have to. NO HUMAN BEING CAN STAND UP TO THE SCRUTINY OF THE MEDIA AND LIVE UP TO THE PERFECT IDEAL WE HAVE SET FOR PEOPLE IN PUBLIC OFFICE. Do I need to repeat that for it to sink in? NO ONE. So, attacking a politician because he lied is like getting mad at ice for being cold or water for being wet. It is in their nature. We the public and the ENTIRE media have created that pedestal they have to stand on and it is impossible for them to rise above the rank of human being. We might as well admit that to ourselves and quit trying to canonize our candidates. But we know the history of George W. Bush, we got to know him somewhat over eight years.

OK, George Bush at least seemed like, a bumbler. He acted like he was suffering from early onset dementia, although people like Tony Blair vouch for him and say, "He isn't stupid. He knows what he wants. He just doesn't know how to express himself well about what he wants." I don't know for myself. All I know is what I see on TV and I can tell you that the comedians are sorry to see him go because of the amount of material he supplied them with. His quotes will always be famous. He was the king of bloopers. He himself said once, “They know my blunt ways of speaking. I get that from Mom. They know I sometimes mangle the English language. I get that from Dad”. Sometimes I think he was putting on an well rehearsed act that his dad taught him in order to keep up the facade of being too stupid to lie. He comes off like a moron. But, then that makes sense. You couldn't sell that many people on something evil and unconstitutional like the patriot act and not be a gifted flake-pretender. It was so long and Congress was so scared and in a tizzy that they hurried up and passed it and didn't bother to read it until afterwards. The House of Representitives gets so many bills that they kind of skim read a few of them and pass almost everything on to the Senate to approve or deny. I guess they figure between the senate and the president, someone will catch any mistakes. Well, what if the president is part of the crew who wrote it? Only a few in the Senate read it, because they were in a state of panic after the 9/11 attack, just like the rest of the country. OK, more logic, think about this. The same people who sold us the Patriot Act are the same ones who told us that Saddam Hussein attacked us on 9/11. Dick Cheney kept saying that Hussein attacked us, despite all the evidence, right up until John Kerry made him correct the statement during a debate. Just think, if someone who looked like Donald Rumsfeld or Dick Cheney (Or can you imagine Dick Nixon in his hayday?) had tried to sell the package it never would have happened. George was their front man. As evil as Dick Cheney looks, standing on the steps of Senate, trying to relate this bill. Well, you know how that worked before, with him ending up telling them, "You know what, f**k you guys!" They never bought his bull***t after that, either. But, someone with an accent like Andy Griffith, and who fumbled around like Jethro Clampett talking to Miss Jane, and who looked kind of like a Texas version of Alfred E. Newman could pull it off. I really don't know if he is aware of how many people that he made mad at him. But, after his speech in Crawford, on returning to his Ranch after losing the election he spoke to the press and told them, "I don't feel like I did anything wrong and can hold my head up high." So, personally, I don't think he ever cared who he hurt. You can tell that his wife and everyone else around him have to give him support, they have to tell him 'he is doing the right thing', and "don't pay any attention to what people say" (which I must say is one of his biggest failings). He seems to think being in public ridicule is part of the job.

Barrack Obama is made fun of. He makes fun of himself. His ears, his slender physique, his middle name even, and he takes it in stride. Bush sure had a campaign of misinformation going constantly the whole time Karl Rove worked for him, earning Rove the nickname "Turd Blossom", a Texas prairie flower that thrives in bullsh*t. People who are trying to limit of discredit Obama's credentials are the same type said that the movie "Farenheit 9/11" was full of lies didn't realise it was a documentary full of film footage because they were told not to even watch it. And they didn't. Who can believe that Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld didn't have attacking Iraq on the agenda long before 9/11? I think by now most of us know better. So, if they were so adamantly trying to deceive us to permit themselve the lattitude to institute covert ops that they knew the average American wouldn't approve of, then, that is WHY they lied. We know they all do it, we just don't know to what extent each of them does and his bunch were robust with Blue Sky (the initials are the same) speeches. I have no anger for these men now. I just wish they should be indicted like the law states. Guantanamo Bay was controversial back when the movie "A Few Good Men" came out and little did we know it was going to be a warning of what was to come. How prophetic that movie was, and the attitude is still the same, "You can't handle the truth!" As of the Freedom Of Information act it is stated that by law we can handle the truth and we better get it. But, we had people in our government who thought they could get away with covering up and hiding the fact that they were questioning people who weren't charged with a crime and were using torture techniques to "ask" a question. The fact remains that these people didn't do anything wrong, but, so SOMEONE would serve as an example, they were dragged off to prison in front of their neighbors. When Rumsfeld was interrogated by the nine eleven comission and stated that they were not soldiers, freedom fighters, or terrorists but they were in the area when something happened so they wanted to know if they has seen something, they were due to be released in 4 or 5 days, I realised we had finally gotten to the point where we were dealing with people as spooky, crazy, and evil as "Colonel Flagg" from the "M.A.S.H." series. It takes extreme paranoia to act that nuts. Unfortunately they carried it out to a science and it became like mass hysteria with a certain percent of our country who are paranoid anyway. I serf the web in the blogs and I can tell you, there is a lot of misguided people out there and they are fed misinformation on top of just being self-deluded. It is hard for me to understand but, I have to remember at one time I had no more reason or logic than these people but I was institutionalized 30 years ago for only talking half as crazy as what is now common. It just isn't logical or true. You can't run a country based on information given you by Political Pundits. Especially the right wing crackpots. Even Bill O'Reilly got disillusioned with the Bush administration eventually. But you won't hear him admit that now. And if anyone thinks Shawn Hannity interviewing Rush Limbaugh is fair and balanced and wasn't a staged act then you are more delusional than they are.

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