Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Majority is Wrong, This Time?

When George Bush was elected (?) kind of, we had to live with the fact that the majority had spoken. But now that someone NOT REPUBLICAN has won, the idea that the majority is wrong should have occurred last time. How do you know that Obama is wrong about anything? None of these people have given him a chance. Also, George Bush has led us into a failing economy and these same people are not willing to admit he failed. It reminds me of someone who paid for a ticket to go to an expensive show that sucked. Afterwards when someone says it sucked, they always say, "No, I enjoyed it. I thought it was great." They say that rather than admit they were wrong. ALL EVIDENCE of supply side economics has been that it doesn't work including our economy now. And the dumbasses are still marching to the tune of the rich dumbasses who want the economy to go belly up because they aren't effected by it. The only people who make money in a supply side economy are rich people. Not small business owners, not just regular executives, especially not construction workers or people who make less than tradesmen. The unions came out and told the tradespeople to vote for Bush at first. They apologised to all of us later. George Bush liked how they had "control" of their people. As he said, he doesn't see anything wrong with a dictatorship, as long as he is the dictator. Trying to excuse all of the war crimes, lies, and deceit from his administration won't be set right until he, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Henry Paulson are indicted and convicted. They have to be proven wrong in the court before the less intelligent of our society can be convinced. We are in a recession because rich people have the media to use to coerce the less intelligent of our society that they are right. They get richer with each of the people who voted for them's money. They get rich from everyone else's money. They price gouge, they profit off of wars, they get rich off of the beer drinking, cigarette smoking, junk food eating, stuporous Americans who are so full of polutants that they are dying early. Let's talk a bit about how the Christian church helps innitiate the problem. Why would they support these rich collegues that who they vote for? Non-taxable income. Pure and simple. And I can tell you right now, if that status was no longer legal those same people would tell you anything they were told to by the government to continue. That is why the religious right always start the rumor that their rights will be taken away if this or that politician gets elected. HE WANTS TO TAKE AWAY OUR RIGHTS. First, the rights they are talking about are priveleges, not rights. They are a matter of law, not a matter of morality. If you were convinced that the churches were lying, then, you might stop tithing. If that happened they would no longer be rich, as well. but they are, that is why they are religious. Some of them start out idealistically spiritual but after awhile the fear that the government instills in them makes them comply and tell their flock anything they want. How did Conservatives buy the Christian Churches? I don't have to go somewhere or 'to' someone to find out what to believe. I can see right from wrong and I know that it would be God's will for me to help other people not be a greedy ass. Conservatives can show me the day they see Shawn Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, or Bill O'Reilly doing anything philanthropic. I am sure they have some principles to explain the rationalization for that lack of spiritual content.

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