Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rush Windbag

I try to see some intrinsic inner good in all people. I believe that deep down inside there are two personalities in most people. There is a good and bad side in everyone. I am beginning to realize I have been wrong. Some people are just wrong and haven't ever possessed the other side of them to turn to in order to see any good side of the street. They don't see suffering and don't seem to care about anyone but themselves. These are the people who wait until they are near death and then try to make peace with the world. By then it is too late. This is what my definition of evil is.
I recently heard an explanation that made more sense to me than anything else. Some people are brought up to believe that they are right about everything and therefor lack the ability to develop critical thinking. I would like to explain how necessary this is. Everything we say, do, or any other action we put out is like a ripple on a pond. It doesn't necessarily come back to us in a form we recognize but it follows the basic laws of nature and physics. The theory that, "For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction", is part of everything in life. In Buddhist thought it is called dependent origination or "interbeing".
Being mindful of what we do or say is important. Someone might find something we say or do to be offensive or just plain evil and do something to stop us from doing or saying that one thing ever again. I predict that some day Rush Windbag will be ceased from repeating the same actions. I am only surprised that it hasn't happened before.

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