Saturday, August 28, 2010


Despite your efforts to cause this, like a self fulfilling prophecy that doesn't fulfill accidently or unconciously, YOU, Mr. Limbaugh, said you wished our president would fail. He didn't fail to bring about change in Health Care despite the tantrums of the Republicans in Congress. He didn't fail to bring about reforms in the entire banking industry, including the part about financial institutions raping customers over credit with deceptive and illegal tactics, he didn't fail to restructure the failing auto industry with courteous dialogue but still got the Empire Builder who had destroyed the Economy of Detroit and for that matter, most of Michigan, repeatedly to step down, he didn't fail to make tax changes that will get the working class to recognize people like you, not the government, not the black people, not the Islamic people, and not the "any other category of people other than the one you belong to", THE GREEDY PEOPLE, as our enemy. You so sorely wanted to see the president fail that you were willing, with all the anger and hate of a suicide bomber to sit and let our nation blow up around all the people who listened to you and counted on your wisdom. I contend this day, as our troops whom you said should stay in Iraq for another "...hundred years if necessary..." are coming home that your propaganda scheme failed. I have living proof in the joy I feel in watching you fail that I was right about you and my mother, who is dead now, didn't live to see you wander away with your head between your legs, trying to prepare for the impact this is going to cause to your listeners while you try to back pedal and restore your dignity in trying to ACT, like all of you Chicken Hawks will be doing (Glen Beck is already rallying the sheep with Sarah Pinhead Palin) trying to act like you are HAPPY that our troups are home after spending seven years moaning that they needed to stay and die so you could make a profit. My final salute to this victory, Mr. Limbaugh, is that I will no longer be writing about you if you keep your head down, don't make outlandish statements, and try to keep your comments limited to your limited audience of Pinheads like you who reflect the lowest of human beings possible in the United States, so this is my signing off on you, Mr. Limbaugh. You simply aren't worth anyone worrying about.