Friday, April 16, 2010

Checking Back In Time

I wanted to discuss my outrage at some blowhole of a radio broadcaster like Rush Limbaugh who cuts people off before they can finish in order to subvert their message and therefore take what they say "Out of Context" since he has no argument for facts. I heard it said again recently that there was a famous quote by Aldous Huxley, "Facts don't cease to exist because they are ignored." Another one that I really like, not sure who said it, "If facts do not fit the theory, then the theory needs to be changed, since you can't change the facts." But that is what we see people trying to do, every day.
Some people kindly refer to it as "history revisionism". Let's call it what it is - LYING! There is no kind way to say it that actually becomes less disgusting, the many lies seen in today's cable news station who is so aptly dubbed by the people I know as FAUX NEWS. You know who I mean. The sad part is that they have really high ratings, along with NASCAR, Professional Wrestling, and the movie business that shows that art doesn't imitate life, it immulates it, it glorifies it, and it substitutes for it, but now matter how close a fictional writer tries to revise our reality on the silver screen, it is still, as the title says on the book it was created from, FICTION. That part of the library gets more attention than any other. We don't go to the Referrence section to find out what the documented evidence is about World War 2, for example but we love to read books like "The Winds of War, War and Remembrances, War Dogs", and the movies like, "The saving of Private Ryan", or "The Thin Red Line" are much more popular than actual documentary footage that shows the bloody, unmitigated, boring truth about battles where the action was spread out over a half mile during a period of over four hours, not just what could fit in a close up with a movie lens in a few minutes.
No One seems to care about the facts anymore. Well this is what I want to see, facts that overshadow the lies. Unfortunately in this day and age we have whole media platforms that are obviously dedicated to lying to the public. I would like this to sound fair and balanced but I can't because it is only a few actors out there who call themselves Journalists while actually portraying a journalist and giving the public what they want to hear. They call it Advocacy Journalism, and it is not, it is LYING. The truth is that truth, honesty, and actually reporting of facts are somewhat boring. The public would rather hear something "with a message" that inspires them to be "internally inspired" and full of "Pride in their country" or someone who is actually a sham if they investigated them and then SEE for themselves that NO ONE can be popular as long as they state the truth.
I have decided today that I am going to write about about truth in journalism and the fact that the United States is based on so many shams that NO ONE can justify it. I will call it "The Boring Truth" the facts that Americans choose to ignore, based on fifty years of the American story. Or maybe like most Americans I just won't bother to look at it and hope it goes away. "YEAH!" (I hate people who type LOL but I will say that even reading the last sentence to myself made me laugh out loud.)