Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Wants America To Fail

Rush Dumbaugh wants our president to fail since his party failed miserably the Republicans do not wish to admit their part in things. If he wants Obama to fail, then we might as well say that Rush Limbaugh wants us to fail as a nation. This will lead to the alternative. Bigger Goverment, a Welfare State, Nationalizing the health care field as well as the banks and insurance companies. It will become Socialism at best. Then, if we look at the creditor we owe the most money to (China) then, we might have to make concessions to communism to keep from starving. This is what happens when greedy people think they don't need to work for the common good. The conservatives got us into this financial mess by trying to initiate economics that their party still is trying to endorse. Personally, I think that he wants Obama to fail in order to make them look good. He is a selfish idiot who can't see any further than the foot in his mouth.
We all might do well to keep the radio turned off of him. I refuse to write or speak about him again. I have this to say; I used to complain about the people who followed him. I now have a spiritual change of heart as the result of the Serenity Prayer. I am given enlightenment on a daily basis to give me the patience to witness a gift instead of constantly looking for it to come in a different form or to come from a different direction. It is free advertising that he doesn't deserve. He deserves to be ignored. I say we all keep an eye on him but don't say anything more publicly. He desires negative attention like the immature spiritually sick person he is, don't give it to him. Because if you do, then you are allowing him to invoke the power of Mob Rule.
I looked it up, it is very interesting. Mob Rule as we who study literature or English Composition call it was actually given the name Ochlocracy. If you wish to find out what the whole definition of that go to Ochlocracy It says: "...A mob, however massive, and regardless of claims to speak for 'the people', may or may not be representative of the (often silent) majority in a large society (which usually practices indirect democracy). It may be composed of a specific segment of the population interested in a specific issue, and drawn from a limited geographical space or it may be a representative popular majority."
I have only one thing to say. Rush Limbaugh is the one who failed. He has failed as a human being with rational good sense. He has failed as a father and husband. He failed his own spiritual and philosophical beliefs when he illegally bought drugs from his housekeeper, and he has failed as an American since he wants us to fail as a nation.
He has failed to convince me of anything other than that he is a loser who is too lazy to find his own way or any new thinking that isn't from someone decades ago that we realised back then, didn't work. He has failed at rallying any support in trying to re-build America so he wants others to fail in their attempt so he doesn't look idiotic for following failed leaders and so adamantly refusing to see anything wrong with advocating blind ambition and unlimited greed. I don't intend to ever again honor him with my attention. To me, he is already dead. So, to those of you who want to never be taken seriously again, I say, "Go ahead, follow Rush into the valley of the shadow of death to fresh ideas." Follow him into the corner he has painted you and himself into, although now rather than admit defeat, wearing the mistakes like a badge, almost like wearing an aluminum foil hat to keep the "evil outer space rays" out of your heads, so we can immediately see and know who you are. Please follow him, flamboyant and marching in line like the British during the revolutionary war while our ancestors wore the colors of the landscape and hid behind the rocks and trees. We appreciate you electing to wear that sign that Bill Engvall should have delivered to you long ago.

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